Fred Woods (Rootman)

Root means basic source of growth and potential which anchors the whole of man’s experiences – one manifestation of all humanity. While Rootman was a nickname given to Fred when he played high school football, it fits his artist persona allowing his art to transcend such labels as African American or naïve artist.

A Florida native, Rootman has developed a love for the versatility of growth and enlightenment as well as the full tenure of life’s vibrant emotions. The images in the paintings of Rootman are naturally occurring designs that stimulate creative and spiritual forces to reflect the beauty awaiting discovery within us all.  Rootman’s art traverses a course that mimics the endless discoveries and mysteries of life. Exploring different perspectives, subtleties of color, and a visual vocabulary of vivid hues, he creates an appealing variety of images from realistic to abstract often experimenting with conceptual ideas in terms of how shapes relate to each other and the role of negative space.

Rootman has been drawing, painting, and constructing from a very early age when initially he was copying images from books, and then gradually expanded his subjects to include people, nature, and imagination. While he had some art classes in high school and college, he is primarily self-taught. Rootman has exhibited extensively in the Gainesville, Florida area, and since relocating to Saint Petersburg, Florida is emerging as one of the areas “Artists to Watch.”