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David Rule

David Rule is a recent transplant to the St. Petersburg area having moved here in 2015 from Delaware. His enthusiasm for art and life fit nicely into the St. Pete scene.

David has been creating and displaying his art from a very early age when that first colorful picture was hung on the refrigerator door. His art, rather than posters, took up wall space in his room when he was a teenager, and his work was always recognized with merit in art classes. He studied at Kendal College of Art & Design, and has shown in galleries in Michigan, Delaware, and now in Florida.

I don’t always know what the end result will be when I start a piece of work, and I am continually thinking from conception through execution, making changes, sometimes starting over (gesso and I are CLOSE friends), and finally reaching that point on a piece that I am proud to sign my name to.

When David reads other artists’ descriptions of how they arrive at a finished piece of work, often referring to their worldly place on this earth, time, space, and how they meld with the universe to arrive at a place in their minds that allows them to create, etc., he is struck by the precociousness an even ostentation. As he states, “I simply paint what I like.” What he likes changes often. His favorite subject is the male figure, which he describes as a masterpiece in itself, and floral images.

Using primarily watercolors, ink, and acrylics, David considers himself an abstract/realist painter; someone who looks at a subject and manipulates and re-creates it in a manner that is a little different from what our eyes and minds typically see. He excels in the use of color, tones, shades, and shadows to achieve a finished product.